Makinacast 6 – DJ NAU

Posted on Oct 1, 2014

We have a very special guest for our new makinacast who has done much contribution to the makina scene and is still going on strong. DJ NAU, a resident DJ at Chasis as well as label owner of C-58 Records. A relatively new and fresh label mixing UK sounds with makina. He has contributed to all major clubs in the golden era as well as the many labels that were still running before. A makina artist with valuable history behind him.

Now he is working on new tracks for his label and having the honor of presenting this mix Makinaforce is proud to showcase Makinacast 6 with DJ NAU!

Makinacast 6 - DJ NAU


Makinacast 5 – 3R2 vs Hase

Posted on Aug 15, 2014

Here we are with the 5th makinacast displaying the sounds of Taiwan makina. 3R2 has been involved in the makina scene for nearly 4 years now and keeps pushing tracks in Japan, Spain, everywhere. Teaming up with Hase, these two have created a mix style that is popular in Spain bringing you the very first of Taiwan melodies with BCN bases. Featuring new releases from the recent Taiwakina II album as well as an exclusive mix of JD-Kid & Uri Trayer’s Remix of Days To Come.

Makinaforce is proud to present, after a 1 year break, 3R2 vs Hase Makinacast 5.

Makinacast 5 - 3R2 vs Hase


Makinacast 4 – Shox

Posted on Jan 21, 2013

As usual with an interview comes a podcast mix with the artist. This time we have Shox who will be doing a session of his finest and newest works for you to hear. It is not particularly makina but it is also makina which you can read all about that in the interview if that confused you! Shox is from Barcelona, Spain and began his career a few years back with his first release on Sinthetic Records Spain. Since then he has appeared on international labels in Japan, America, and UK. He has also coined the term “B-Form” which has almost become somewhat of it’s own genre of being freeform being made in Barcelona. We present to you the fourth makinacast with Shox!

Makinacast 4 - Shox


Interview: Shox

Makinacast 3 – Xavi BCN

Posted on Jul 10, 2012

It’s finally that time again. Makinaforce brings you the third makinacast with Xavi BCN. Makinacast 3 couldn’t have come at a better time, with Xavi BCN making his first appearance in Japan at The Day Of Hardcore 2012, if you don’t know his sound by now you can hear it all in this exclusive podcast. Featuring new and un-released tracks as well as his older productions. We also updated about BCN Music Shop being re-opened the other day, well many of the new tracks are also featured in his cast! This is Xavi BCN 100%!

Makinaforce 3rd makinacast with Xavi BCN!

Makinacast 3 - Xavi BCN


Interview: Xavi BCN

Makinacast 2 – M-Project

Posted on Apr 14, 2012

M-Project, a makina artist based in Japan and is the only makina artist whose ventured outside of Japan to spread his makina sound. Already well known in Spain, and recently done a collaboration with PJ Makina who was our previous makinacast guest. M-Project has contributed to all Makinaforce releases so far, and he wanted to do a Makinaforce tribute makinacast. We present to you M-Project’s Makinaforce tribute makinacast!

If you are new to Makinaforce and/or makina, here is a great intro to our/its sound as well as M-Project’s makina mixing style!

Makinacast 2 - M-Project


Interview: M-Project

Makinacast 1 – PJ Makina

Posted on Jul 6, 2011

PJ Makina is a makina producer and DJ from Scotland who is also the founder of Tri-Format Records. PJ Makina has produced many top quality tracks throughout his career for his own label as well as GMC Records, Illusions Records and also for Makinaforce Recordings to name a few. PJ has also made an appearance on popular Spain makina label Bit Music alongside with his good friend DJ Gary MC.

If you like the old school sound of makina then check out this mix as it includes many upcoming new tracks that haven’t been played anywhere and also give a listen to PJ’s mixing ability!

Makinacast 1 - PJ Makina


Interview: PJ Makina