CJ Alarm – Journey Through Planet Alarm Part 1

Artist: CJ Alarm

Title: Journey Through Planet Alarm Part 1

Label: Makinaforce Recordings

Cat#: MKFE8

Format: CD

Released: April 29, 2013


After almost 5 years, CJ Alarm returns with his new production and never before released production during his career from 1999 to 2009.

CJ Alarm is one of the most prolific makina artist who has provided many productions that gave makina its form of what it is today.

01. Alarmat
02. Quake
03. On Fire
04. Innova 6
05. Eleizeria
06. Okular
07. No More Suffering
08. Agnostik
09. Ecstasy
10. Prisma
11. Oceanic
12. Magical Place