Interview: Xavi BCN

Xavi BCN, Javier Querol Llauro, has been with Makinaforce from the very beginning and is a key player in the everyday decisions that we make here at Makinaforce Recordings. The voices that you hear in the makinacasts and the mastering on our CD releases were all done by Xavi BCN. He is an all around, well diversified producer/engineer. Whether it is trance, hardcore, makina, UK-hardcore, house or recording vocals, he does it all. Being in the industry for over 10 years he has seen it all. Located in well-known city Barcelona of Spain, we begin the interview with the usual questions:

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Makinacast 3 – Xavi BCN

Where did the name Xavi BCN come from?
BCN is for Barcelona, the city where I am from. Nothing else to explain hahaha…

How did you become interested in makina? Was this the first choice of style you wanted to create as an artist?
Makina as we know it today didn’t exist when I started. It was a natural evolution of E.B.M. and other styles from outside from Catalonia. I still try to get the old sounds and work with them in my productions. I never wanted to be a popular DJ, only wanted to have a good time playing with and for my friends.

And where did you learn to produce? What equipment did you begin with?
I cannot remember when I got into production but I remember why I did. People always need new music, so I wanted be part of it with my productions.

Your sound of makina is very unique to you only. What was the inspiration behind it? How would you describe it?
I always want to keep the essence when I start but I am always looking for new sounds and new gear. If you put both together you get my music.

Besides makina, is there another style of music you actively produce?
Right now I am working on a remix of house music. I am doing a soundtrack too and finishing 3 new makina tracks. I always think that each style have something special. If we put differences aside we will enjoy the other styles too.

It has been 10 or more years since you first made your appearance in the makina scene. Is there anything between now and back then that stood out for you? Do you feel that makina is moving in the right direction?
The big difference is the amount of people that was following makina before and that there was lots of new things to discover. Nowadays it is really difficult to catch people’s attention with something new as a DJ or a producer. I believe in the diversity and there are many people around the world that can do something for makina. Fifteen years ago nobody thought Makina would become known outside of Europe for example.

Going along with the previous question, has the evolution of music production technology change your way of production? Do you see yourself working with all software in the future?
Right now I work with all digital. Analog gear is collecting dust in my studio right now. Sometimes I use them to get back some old sounds. If more a nostalgic thing. Nowadays there are loads of digital gear to work with comfortably as also with quality that is really important.

How did you become involved in the club “Chasis”?
It was more a supply and demand. It was a good offer that make me feel really excited. Especially for what the brand Chasis means in the makina scene.

Which do you like better? DJing or producing?
I started mixing but I like everything that involve it. Each one have a satsifying feeling. Same that do design, mastering… Everything is important and doing it well is the best reward that you can get.

“Xavi BCN, Ruboy & Oscar Elemento – The Last Dimension” is a very popular record, especially Kyoto. Can you tell us how this collaboration came together?
We were friends for a long time. We worked separate but we all know that one day we will do something together and make something nice.

Back in 2010, at DJ ONERS, you won best producer and best song (Pastis & Xavi BCN – Ninel) awards. How was that for you? Do you feel that was your greatest accomplishment in your career?
It was my 5th award as a best producer. I got the 5th with the same illusion than the 1st. Always is grateful for your work having an award like that especially when you have worked so hard.

Shortly after, in 2011 you started BCN Music Shop, an online digital vendor. And now in 2012 you announced to shut down the shop. Why was the decision made to stop BCN Music Shop?
I hope that it’s just a temporary closing down. It’s a project that I devoted lots of money and effort so I hope that we can get it back soon.

Between oldschool and the hard-trance makina, which do you prefer?
Each style has their moment but I think that I cannot live without any of them two.

Putting Xavi BCN aside, what do you do besides music?
I don’t have time for anything else because I am working around 14 hours a day. Apart from my family, nothing else.

Thank you for time your time, any last words?
Gracias a vosotros y … MAKINA Y FIESTA PARA TODOS! (Thank you and … MAKINA AND PARTY FOR ALL!)