M-Project – Project:Powerstomp 2

Posted on Sep 8, 2015

Artist: M-Project

Title: Project:Powerstomp 2


Cat#: TFCD-008

Format: CD

Released: 2015


New release.

01. Raver’s Delight (Feat. Yuki)
02. Drop The Beat (Feat. Liqo)
03. Hardcore Motherfucker (Feat. Steve Heller)
04. Savage (Feat. Jonjo)
05. Music Is Moving (Feat. Riko)
06. Time To Shine (Feat. DJ DEPATH/MC Scotty G)
07. Out Of My Life (Feat. Eufeion)
08. Devastated (Feat. Ganah)
09. Overpowering Enemies (Joey Riot vs Jaw-D Remix)
10. Shiny Disco Ball
11. Make Some Fukkin Noise (Feat. Riko)

M-Project – Project:Powerstomp

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

Artist: M-Project

Title: Project:Powerstomp


Cat#: TFCD-007

Format: CD

Released: December 30, 2014


With the recent signing to Lethal Theory, M-Project has put together a powerstomp album! Featuring the long awaited remix of Melody Of Passion II!

01. Morning Light (Powerstomp Mix)
02. Lay Down The Beatz (feat. Dj Conrad)
03. X-Riot
04. Mental Asylum (feat. MC Vibrance)
05. DJ Rock
06. What’s Up (feat. Riko)
07. Rainbow Lights (Powerstomp Mix)
08. Melodic Storm (Powerstomp Mix)
09. Hardest Bass Around (feat. MC Steal)
10. Melodies Of Passion II (Powerstomp Remix)

M-Project – Blood, Sweat & Makina 2

Posted on Jun 22, 2014

Artist: M-Project

Title: Blood, Sweat & Makina 2


Cat#: TFCD006

Format: CD

Released: August 3, 2014


Second installment to “Blood, Sweat & Makina” series album.

01. Layers Of Time (feat. GUHROOVY)
02. Duality (feat. DJ DEPATH)
03. Makina Spirit (feat. DJ KAPITAL)
04. Bad Monkey (feat. Xmove)
05. Autumn Sunlight (feat. DJ DEPATH)
06. Pop It (feat. DJ Gary MC)
07. Starlight (feat. Yuki)
08. Million Miles (feat. MC Steal)
09. The Last Trip (feat. DJ K-rrenyo&Jorge Zgz)
10. Nuclear Test (feat. Daniel Seven)
11. Blow Your Mind CHAPTER II (feat. Ruboy)

M-Project & Daniel Seven – Polymerization

Posted on Dec 14, 2013

Artist: M-Project & Daniel Seven

Title: Polymerization


Cat#: TFCD005

Format: CD

Released: December 31, 2013


New release from makina and more UK Hardcore influence!

01. Rock Da House (M-Project & Daniel Seven Rework)
02. Polymerization
03. Sittin On Clouds
04. Venus Wave
05. Party People Bounce
06. Sittin On Clouds (Olly P Remix)
07. Rainbow Lights (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

M-Project – Blood, Sweat & Makina

Posted on Jul 11, 2013

Artist: M-Project

Title: Blood, Sweat & Makina


Cat#: TFCD004

Format: CD

Released: August 05, 2013


A new album from M-Project in Japan. Featuring a world wide variety of 100% makina tracks. Artists from all around the world, Taiwan, America, Italy, Spain as well as the smash hit “Magnetic Dreams” with Xavi BCN.

01. Blood, Sweat & Makina
02. Fountain Of Remembrance
03. The Turbulence of Awakening (feat. 3R2)
04. Rhythm Of Love (feat. Yuki)
05. Cosmic Forge (feat. PJ Makina)
06. Crimson Viper (feat. DJ DEPATH)
07. Synthtic Sky
08. Mind Activation (feat. SPeeDX)
09. Lost In The Rave (feat. Zoe Vanwest)
10. Genesis (feat. Daniel Seven)
11. Magnetic Dreams (feat. Xavi BCN)

M-Project – Hardcore Illusionist 3

Posted on Jun 29, 2012

Artist: M-Project

Title: Hardcore Illusionist 3

Label: Guhroovy/Terraform Music

Cat#: DQC-9016 (Set Cat#)
             DQC-941 (CD By Itself)

Format: CD

Released: August 8, 2012 (Konami Style Set Date)
                      August 29, 2012 (CD By Itself)

Japanese makina producer M-Project’s third installment to his album, Hardcore Illusionist.

01. The One (Feat. Xavi BCN)
02. Melody Of Passion II (DJ DEPATH&M-Project Remix)
03. Interlude#1
04. Morning Light (Hyper Donk Mix)
05. The Motherland (Feat. Hase)
06. Never End (Rave Breaks Mix)
07. Reverof Evol
08. Acid Nightmare (Feat. DJ CHUCKY)
09. Interlude#2
10. ALL I NEED YOUR LOVE (Fracus&Darwin Remix)
11. Rainbow Lights (Feat. Daniel Seven/Zoe VanWest)
12. AKATSUKI (DJ Ronny Remix)
13. Rise From The Ashes
14. Return To Zero