M-Project – Hardcore Illusionist 3

Artist: M-Project

Title: Hardcore Illusionist 3

Label: Guhroovy/Terraform Music

Cat#: DQC-9016 (Set Cat#)
             DQC-941 (CD By Itself)

Format: CD

Released: August 8, 2012 (Konami Style Set Date)
                      August 29, 2012 (CD By Itself)

Japanese makina producer M-Project’s third installment to his album, Hardcore Illusionist.

01. The One (Feat. Xavi BCN)
02. Melody Of Passion II (DJ DEPATH&M-Project Remix)
03. Interlude#1
04. Morning Light (Hyper Donk Mix)
05. The Motherland (Feat. Hase)
06. Never End (Rave Breaks Mix)
07. Reverof Evol
08. Acid Nightmare (Feat. DJ CHUCKY)
09. Interlude#2
10. ALL I NEED YOUR LOVE (Fracus&Darwin Remix)
11. Rainbow Lights (Feat. Daniel Seven/Zoe VanWest)
12. AKATSUKI (DJ Ronny Remix)
13. Rise From The Ashes
14. Return To Zero