Makinacast 3 – Xavi BCN

It’s finally that time again. Makinaforce brings you the third makinacast with Xavi BCN. Makinacast 3 couldn’t have come at a better time, with Xavi BCN making his first appearance in Japan at The Day Of Hardcore 2012, if you don’t know his sound by now you can hear it all in this exclusive podcast. Featuring new and un-released tracks as well as his older productions. We also updated about BCN Music Shop being re-opened the other day, well many of the new tracks are also featured in his cast! This is Xavi BCN 100%!

Makinaforce 3rd makinacast with Xavi BCN!

Makinacast 3 - Xavi BCN


Interview: Xavi BCN

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01. Xavi BCN – Lost Sensations (Breaking The World)
02. Pastis & Xavi BCN – Express Yourself
03. Xavi BCN – We Are One
04. Bonus Tracks 2012 – I’m The DJ
05. Kroma – Take Off
06. DJ Montana Max & Alberto Narco – P.U.L.S.A.R.
07. Xavi BCN – Makes Me Wonder
08. Bonus Tracks 2012 – New Paranoid
09. Xavi BCN Special Reworked Vol. 1 – Esperanza
10. DJ Cesc – Stressed Beats
11. Templars Of Music – Forever Love (Hard Version)
12. Barcelona Project Vol. 3 – Der Todesking
13. Gue & Tos – Europe Connection (Xavi BCN Hard Remix)
14. DJ T-TY vs Xavi BCN – Maximum Rise
15. Xavi BCN – Tadiu
16. Bonus Tracks 2012 – High State Tribute