Makinacast 1 – PJ Makina

PJ Makina is a makina producer and DJ from Scotland who is also the founder of Tri-Format Records. PJ Makina has produced many top quality tracks throughout his career for his own label as well as GMC Records, Illusions Records and also for Makinaforce Recordings to name a few. PJ has also made an appearance on popular Spain makina label Bit Music alongside with his good friend DJ Gary MC.

If you like the old school sound of makina then check out this mix as it includes many upcoming new tracks that haven’t been played anywhere and also give a listen to PJ’s mixing ability!

Makinacast 1 - PJ Makina


Interview: PJ Makina

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01. GMC – Find Yourself (Makina Remix)
02. PJ Makina – Denied Access
03. PJ Makina & TripleXL – Alpha Centauri
04. PJ Makina – Beautiful Things
05. PJ Makina – E.T. (Futuristic Lover) (Remix)
06. PJ Makina – Untitled
07. PJ Makina – Neds
08. DJ Gary MC – Movimiento (Original Mix)
09. K@nt – Pain
10. DJ Gino – Speedmak
11. Glasgow Project – Glasgow Project Vol. 1
12. PJ Makina – Eurodancer (Remix)
13. PJ Makina & DJ Gary MC – Get On Up
14. DJ Ruboy & John Brown – Polaris