Article: Makina Next

Recently a new movement has started to take place around the makina community. Ironically it is not from Spain this movement is taking place but in the far east in Japan. “Makina Next” a concept coined by M-Project to be the next evolution for makina and may as well be its savior if things pickup. Communicating closely with M-Project we bring to you this announcement in a more formal sense and to make it more widespread internationally.

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[Attention All Makina Producers]

I think it is time to move on.

“Base makina”, makina tracks that are made to be mixed with tracks with a melody, are becoming more and more scarce now.
Therefore I want to propose a new concept of “makina”.

It is called “Makina Next”.

It is not a sub-genre nor is it a new style for makina, it is a “concept”.
A concept for makina that does not rely on base makina when being mixed.
What this means is that, producers must make their tracks with more details.
This creates more FREEDOM in the structure/arrange, meaning you do not need to consider whether or not this track is going to be mixed “BCN Style” (mixed with base makina).

I am not saying I disagree with the current makina in Spain but I feel as if the songs of makina are being restrained. For example if you put too much sound in a track, it will ruin the mixing for BCN style. Likewise if a track has a short fill-in of 1 bar your mix will be ruined.

Many of you may say that is what makes the DJ, the ability to mix and match the correct tracks that sound good together. Being able to see ahead and stop the record, mix it back in for those short fills.
But I am not speaking from a DJ standpoint but from a producer standpoint. A producer may want to be more creative with his track and add a short fill but he may then decide to take it out in the end because many DJs may find it cumbersome. Which brings the producer to think that DJs won’t play his track due to the cumbersome short fill-in.

“Makina Next”, I believe is the next step for the old school makina sound but with something new added to it. Such as adding a personal take on makina instead of following current trends. Not following in the footsteps of makina’s predecessor “Evoltive Makina”, makina needs to become on the same level as other hardcore tracks. Until makina has reached this level of quality it will be hard for makina to be mixed with other hardcore styles. For this reason, I believe the goal for producers is to reach that level so that hardcore DJs feel good about mixing makina interchangeably with other hardcore styles.

It is not necessary to always follow a 2 chorus arrange or creating parts in a track to make mixing easier. The typical length of a makina track is 5-6 minutes but I believe making shorter tracks would be just fine. Not being bound by any restrictions or expectations I believe this creates new possibilities. This is the essence of “Makina Next”.

For example the tracks I have been making so far fit this concept.

“Makina Next” is not a genre or a style, it is a concept.

I would be glad if other makina producers would follow this concept so we can bring makina to its next evolution.

Author: M-Project