M-Project – Blood, Sweat & Makina

Artist: M-Project

Title: Blood, Sweat & Makina


Cat#: TFCD004

Format: CD

Released: August 05, 2013


A new album from M-Project in Japan. Featuring a world wide variety of 100% makina tracks. Artists from all around the world, Taiwan, America, Italy, Spain as well as the smash hit “Magnetic Dreams” with Xavi BCN.

01. Blood, Sweat & Makina
02. Fountain Of Remembrance
03. The Turbulence of Awakening (feat. 3R2)
04. Rhythm Of Love (feat. Yuki)
05. Cosmic Forge (feat. PJ Makina)
06. Crimson Viper (feat. DJ DEPATH)
07. Synthtic Sky
08. Mind Activation (feat. SPeeDX)
09. Lost In The Rave (feat. Zoe Vanwest)
10. Genesis (feat. Daniel Seven)
11. Magnetic Dreams (feat. Xavi BCN)