Maket Friends Vol. 3

Posted on Jun 3, 2011

Artist: V.A.

Title: Maket Friends Vol. 3

Label: RLK Music

Cat#: RLK011

Format: 12″

Released: June 18, 2011


After a month of competition and voting, winning contestants have been chosen. Featuring the winning contestants, DJ EMG and PuZZLE. Also returning as usual Raul Lokura and Cross-B with their new collaboration production.

The very long anticipated track from Cross-B, Eden, will finally make its debut on this release!

Side A

1. Playtime by Cross-B & Raul Lokura
2. Listen to the Whales by DJ EMG

Side B

1. Eden by Cross-B
2. The Real World by PuZZLE

Underground Makina Connectionz Vol. 7

Posted on Jun 2, 2011

Artist: V.A.

Title: Underground Makina Connectionz Vol. 7

Label: Burning Chrome Records

Cat#: BCCOMP007

Format: CD

Released: April 22, 2011


The popular UMC series from Japanese makina label Burning Chrome Records is now planning their seventh compilation CD. This time it is in conjunction with Spain producer Xavi BCN. Xavi BCN, being one of the first, to use side-chaining in his makina productions, it was only a matter of time until the Japanese label caught on.

Following their previous hot release of UMC6 with RLK Music comes UMC7 with Xavi BCN.

01. Oscar Elemento – Sweet Music
02. Ray & Suly – Shadows Land
03. Barcelona Project – The World Is Yours
04. T-TY & Kullere – Oberhausen
05. DJ Alba – La Noche
06. Ger & Enef – Shiva
07. Xavi BCN – Tendencia MR
08. Victor DLN – Illegal Substance
09. Jonyk vs Dani Delirio – Synthetic Opera
10. DJ DEPATH&M-Project – Rise From The Ashes
11. Wasi Distorsion & Xavi BCN – Adventures

DJ Morenoh – Navi 1.0

Posted on Jun 1, 2011

Artist: DJ Morenoh

Title: Navi 1.0

Label: NOx Records

Cat#: NOx021

Format: 12″

Released: May 6, 2011


Coming out with their 21st release, Nox Records presents a new maxi with DJ Morenoh. Being produced by K-mikaze Productions: one vocal, a melody makinera, old school base, and current style base track on black 12inch.

On the A side we have a makinero remix of a vocal track sung by Karla and a current style base track. On the B side we have the usual Nox Records melody makinera sound and a old school 98 style base track.

Side A

Side B

Makina Hardcore Pandemic

Posted on May 31, 2011

Artist: V.A.

Title: Makina Hardcore Pandemic

Label: Makinaforce Recordings

Cat#: MKFE1

Format: CD

Released: December 31, 2010


Composed of various makina producers from all around the world: Japan, Scotland, France, and Spain.

Makina Hardcore Pandemic is truly the first of its kind to feature such diverse makina sound in one CD.


  • 02. DJ Gary MC VS DJ Serna & DJ Ruboy - El Taxo
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  • 05. DJ Gary MC - Movimiento (PJ Makina Version)
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  • 08. Overdrive Electronic Records - Live Without You
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  • 09. Xavi BCN & Hase - Molecular
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  • 10. DJ-Technetium - Tc-ma_014
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