Conquistador Equipments

Posted on Oct 26, 2013

Artist: Conquistador

Title: Conquistador Equipments

Label: YTR Records

Cat#: YTRR-x

Format: CD

Released: October 27, 2013


New promo release from YTR Records.

01. Preference
02. Alpha Base
03. YTR RECORDS Special Mix 2013 (Conquistador BCN Style!)


Posted on Aug 5, 2013

Artist: V.A.

Title: Astronomia

Label: YTR Records

Cat#: YTRR-007

Format: CD

Released: August 12, 2013


The newest compilation from YTR Records. This time a full b-form style compilation featuring Japanese and Spanish artists.

01. Let There Be Light by nadeco feat. miso PLANet
02. Gravestorm by Conquistador
03. Deathless by JD-KiD
04. Blue Rose by Le Dos-on
05. Angel’s Ladder by DJ Noriken
06. Moon’s Love by Ales
07. Astronomia by nadeco
08. Aurora Polaris by DJ 490
09. Set You Free by Shox feat. Delice
10. Wing Melody by nadeco

nadeco – Alquimia 2

Posted on Apr 29, 2013

Artist: nadeco

Title: Alquimia 2

Label: YTR Records

Cat#: YTRR-S02

Format: CD

Released: April 29, 2013


nadeco’s mini CD release!

01. Oxidize by nadeco
02. Ancestral Recall by nadeco
03. Aztec by Conquistador

nadeco feat. Sachi – Brillantez

Posted on Jan 24, 2013

Artist: nadeco feat. Sachi

Title: Brillantez

Label: YTR Records

Cat#: YTRR-006

Format: CD

Released: December 31, 2012


nadeco’s second makina album released at the end of 2012. Featuring original Japanese vocals sung by Sachi. As well as remix from Spanish top producer “Xavi BCN”.

01. nadeco feat. Sachi – Brillantez
02. nadeco – Gravitysphere
03. nadeco – Accelerate
04. nadeco feat. Sachi – Dear Explorer… (2012 Vocal Ver.)
05. nadeco feat. Sachi – Time And Tide
06. nadeco feat. Sachi – Brillantez (fang Remix)
07. nadeco feat. Sachi – Brillantez (Minamotoya Remix)
08. nadeco feat. Sachi – Brillantez (Xavi BCN Remix)

nadeco – La Concepción 2

Posted on Jul 27, 2012

Artist: nadeco

Title: La Concepción 2

Label: YTR Records

Cat#: YTRR-005

Format: CD

Released: August 11, 2012


Another well known makina artist from Japan is releasing an album as well in August!

01. Nostalgic Planet 2012
02. Oldschool Pandemic (Radio Edit)
03. Spitfire
04. Invincible Hymn
05. Nostalgic Planet (PJ Makina Remix)
06. Black Porgy Base
07. Heaven’s Dawn
08. Invincible Hymn (DJ Noriken Elektrick Remix)
09. Nostalgic Planet (Yoshino Yoshikawa “Pollarstars” Remix)
10. Oldshool Pandemic (PJ Makina Remix)
11. The Wonder Years