BCN Music Shop

BCN Music Shop opened their doors just 5 days ago and have already released a few big makina tracks already. Such as “Xavi Metralla vs Xavi BCN – Spin Me Around” and recent exclusive release “Templars of Music – Forever Love (Hard Version).”


BCN Music Shop will also have the whole back catalogue of Ruboy Records and also various other record labels. Sinthetic Records, T-Ty Records to name a few.
Besides makina, other genres will also be available (trance, dance, progressive, etc).
Makinaforce Recordings has already confirmed a few releases to be put on BCN Music Shop, look out for it in the next months!

This new web shop and record label is run by Xavi BCN. His idea to keep makina strong and more easily available for listeners and DJs all around the world will hopefully bring makina to the next level.