BCN Music Shop Update

Posted on Jul 9, 2012

In our interview with Xavi BCN we asked him about the closure of BCN Music Shop and he hinted about re-opening again. Well only after 2 months he plans to re-open the shop which seems to be under new management which is why it is taking a while to start up shop again. It is planned to re-open this month, July.

前のXavi BCNとInterviewにBCN Music ShopのことXaviは再開したいと言いました。


BCN Music Shop Closure

Posted on May 1, 2012

The final decision has been made today that BCN Music Shop would close its doors on May 10th, 2012. Not much else we can say about this except to take hold of this chance to purchase some tracks while you can!

XAVI BCNが運営するBCN Music Shopが2012年5月10日で閉鎖される予定です。


Xavi BCN – The Album

Posted on Feb 6, 2012

Artist: Xavi BCN

Title: The Album

Label: BCN Records

Cat#: BCNM050

Format: MP3, WAV

Released: February 4, 2012


Xavi BCN has released his first album exclusively at BCN Music Shop. A full on melodic makina album featuring all variations of makina: Hard-trance, old school, evoltive and vocal makina.

A few words from the man himself:

“This is an album that I feel a special connection to because I had the freedom to produce tracks to my personal tastes for makina. All tracks have been produced from the heart!”

Xavi BCN – The Album Megamix
Xavi BCN – Makes Me Wonder
Xavi BCN – Stay
Xavi BCN – We Are One
Xavi BCN – Tadiu
Xavi BCN – In My Memory
Xavi BCN – Don’t Stop The Music
Xavi BCN – Systems Of Party
Xavi BCN – Lost Sensations
Xavi BCN – Dark Side Of The Underground

BCN Music Shop Compilation Vol. 1

Posted on Nov 19, 2011

Artist: DJ Xavi BCN

Title: BCN Music Shop Compilation Vol. 1

Label: BCN Records

Cat#: BCNMCD001

Format: 2xCD

Released: December 6, 2011


BCN Music Shop’s first compilation mix CD by Xavi BCN! Featuring many top hits available at BCN Music Shop’s webshop on 2 CDs.

Definitely one release you don’t want to miss out on!

Disc 1

01. Megamix BCN Music Shop Compilation Vol. 1

Makina Old Style Session By DJ Xavi BCN

02. BCN Connection – BCN Connection (Tendencia MR 2)
03. BCN Connection – Crazy Dance Base
04. Xavi BCN vs. Ruben XXL – Dancecrusher
05. Xavi BCN – Julio Posadas Tribute
06. Old Makina Style E.P. Vol. 1 – Musika Agresiva
07. Basmagic – Wistle Party
08. Xavi BCN – Tendencia MR
09. Kubik – Rythm & Base
10. Kroma – Start The Party
11. W&B Bases E.P. Vol. 1 – Old Fiesta
12. DJ Q-Lar – Ecstasy Of Happiness
13. Fuk Remix Project Vol. 1 – Shake (2005 Remix)
14. Bases Lokas E.P. Vol. 1 – Clap To Kick
15. Old Makina Style E.P. Vol. 1 – Makina Feelings
16. Barcelona Project – M.A.K.I.N.A.
17. DJ T-TY – Illusion Love
18. W&B Bases E.P. Vol. 1 – One, Two…
19. Barcelona Project Vol. 3 – La Onda
20. Barcelona Project – Pac-Man World
21. Barcelona Project – Maximum Trolling
22. Kubik – Bigger Than Past Sensation
23. Hard Coalition – Maximum Stereo

Bonus Tracks

24. Kubik – Bigger Than Past Sensation
25. DJ Q-Lar – Ecstasy Of Happiness

Disc 2

01. Megamix BCN Music Shop Compilation Vol. 1

Makina & Hardcore & Hardtrance Session By DJ Xavi BCN

02. T-TY & Kullere – Bonus 2012
03. Heaven 7 – Stronger (K-rlos RMX ’11)
04. Hardcoverz – Mad World
05. Barcelona Project Vol. 3 – La Onda
06. Templars Of Music – Forever Love (Hard Version)
07. Hase – X-18
08. Hard Coalition – Sweet Music (Vocal Remix)
09. Destruction Followers – Braveheartz (Pressure Mix)
10. Luisete Atomiko – Too Little To Late
11. Xavi BCN – EBM Computer Rythm
12. Luisete Atomiko – Human Nature
13. W&B Bases E.P. Vol. 1 – Old Acid Power
14. Barcelona Project Vol. 3 – Try
15. Nighthwaks Trance Corp – In Your Eyes (Blowhard-X & The Ivish Mix)
16. Xavi BCN vs. DJ Alba – Never Let Me Go
17. Xavi BCN – Nuclear Acid
18. DJ Smile – Natalies (Moon Version)
19. Mauro Cygne – New Years Day
20. Hase – Connected
21. Acid Machines – 303 Inside
22. DJ Neutron – Dark Simphony
23. Bizarre Sound Corp – Over
24. The Mind – La Linea De La Vida (Acapella)

Bonus Tracks

25. Hardcoverz – Mad World
26. Nighthwaks Trance Corp – In Your Eyes (Blowhard-X & The Ivish Mix)

BCN Music Shop

Posted on Sep 7, 2011

BCN Music Shop opened their doors just 5 days ago and have already released a few big makina tracks already. Such as “Xavi Metralla vs Xavi BCN – Spin Me Around” and recent exclusive release “Templars of Music – Forever Love (Hard Version).”


BCN Music Shop will also have the whole back catalogue of Ruboy Records and also various other record labels. Sinthetic Records, T-Ty Records to name a few.
Besides makina, other genres will also be available (trance, dance, progressive, etc).
Makinaforce Recordings has already confirmed a few releases to be put on BCN Music Shop, look out for it in the next months!

This new web shop and record label is run by Xavi BCN. His idea to keep makina strong and more easily available for listeners and DJs all around the world will hopefully bring makina to the next level.